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The sidearm is considered as the “claw” for cricket. It’s a fundamental tool for almost every coach today. It protects your arm for throw downs and can increase your pace up to 25 mph quicker with the Sidearm than without it.

Sidearm is now proved to be very useful in cricket to train the batsmen in order to promote the perfection in facing the high pace through it. It comes in various designs and attractive colors. It is the great innovative tool introduced first time in Britain, and now different companies are working to make it further better.

It is now utilized by the coaches throughout the world in order to train the beginners and professional batsmen. It is much faster than ever before but, yes, it is so simple to utilize and equipped for tossing precise accurate deliveries, the Sidearm offers best batting practice for players. It is also helpful in increasing the pace up to 85mph.

The Sidearm Pro and Elite Thrower offers you the high-quality batting practice, enabling a person to furnish the batsmen with faster, swinging, accurate deliveries with quite less efforts.

After using this, many batsmen and coaches have quoted their good reviews about this awesome tool, they have much improved their skills through this.


Like the other world of cricket, it can also be very useful in Pakistan also. Coaches should utilize this innovative tool to train the batsmen, in order to make them perfect in batting line only by applying fewer efforts. It helps the coaches to test the experienced player and train the beginners to furnish their skills, so they will be able to face each kind of delivery while playing on street, national and international level.

This is an all-rounder tool yet simple in designs but having great features in all. Each coach must utilize it to make the team having perfect batsmen.

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