Masuri Vision Series TEST Cricket Helmet Titanium Grille & Price in Pakistan


The Vision Series Test is built for a high level of impact, protection and comfort. Strategically-placed vents in the inner and outer shells improve air flow, and the new reinforced rim (HRS) minimises movement between the solid peak and the certified steel or titanium bar grille, giving the Vision Series Test strong protection performance. 

Packed With Features 
Certified Steel or Titanium Grille 
The Vision Series Test model grille uses certified grade 5 titanium or high grade stainless steel. It also incorporates advanced manufacturing techniques to give greater protection. 

The helmet is specially designed for professional and world class cricket players. Vision Series Test is british designed and manufactured. The quality of the product is amazing and top notch. Protection is world class.

The Vision Series Titanium is a very lightweight helmet and comfortable cushioning inside so you can play long innings without getting your neck tired.


Helmet Size Guide

  • Small 550-580mm
  • Standard 580-610mm 
  • Large 600-630mm 




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